Gumtree courier service to help you buy & sell online

Look no further, VanaMango is the perfect solution

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VanaMango provides a reliable and affordable Gumtree courier service for items bought and sold on any online platform.

It’s easy!

You can book in items to be collected within minutes using our website without the hassle of ringing up lots of removal companies and men with vans to get quotes. VanaMango provides instant quotes and instant bookings.

We’re flexible to your schedule

You can conveniently choose any time and any date as we have thousands of transport providers nationwide who can collect and deliver items. You can also book on short notice too; we offer same day bookings if booked before a 12pm.

It doesn’t cost the earth

Our Gumtree courier services will already be on routes nearby your collection, we can ensure our customers get a cost saving as drivers won’t have to out there way to collect items.

Safe, Secure & Insured

All of our transport providers are fully vetted to ensure they have full insurance so that your goods and properties are covered.

Does Gumtree offer their own courier service?

There isn’t an official Gumtree courier service. Gumtree is a website for listing items that people want to sell and buy. Buyers and sellers arrange delivery for items with each other. When items are too big to transport without a van a third-party Gumtree courier service is used. VanaMango is the perfect solution for this, offering quick, easy and affordable courier service for any item to big to be transported using your car.

Tips for buying and selling on Gumtree

Take good photos

Photos make a big difference when selling items online. It is important to present the item you are selling well and ensure that the item can be clearly seen. Ensure there is good lighting, the item is positioned well and that the photos are clear and not blurry. Get a good range of photos as the more photos the better so potential buyers can clearly see the item.

List the right price

Take a look at other listing of the same or similar items to yours. If you look at a few you will get a good idea of what the price range is for the item, you are selling. You don’t want to list your item too high as you will struggle to sell it, however you don’t want to list it too low as you will miss out on money. Often, if you get lots of messages for an item shortly after listing it then you have listed the item too cheaply. If you haven’t promised the item to anyone you can always delete the listing and re-list it at a higher price. 

Write an accurate description

Ensure that your description of the item is accurate as if it isn’t you will likely get complaints and buyers wanting refunds. You don’t want to keep a description too brief as then potential buyers may not have all the information they want. However, you don’t want to have your description too long as buyers may not read all this. It’s important to describe the condition of the item, the brand of the item and outline any damage or defects. It’s also a good thing to mention if the item is from smoke free and pet free home as this can be another selling point.

Look twice before buying

Before buying an item on Gumtree it is always good to look at multiple listings as there may be other listings offering a better deal. There is a search box on the site which can help you find the exact item you need, and you can also filter your search to be more accurate. You can filter by category, location, keyword, condition and so on. The search results will give you an idea of the price the item is selling for.

Bargain with sellers

Gumtree isn’t as formal as Amazon or eBay, price can be negotiated however it is important to know when to bargain. If an item is listed very cheaply often it is not good to bargain as the seller will ignore your message and sell to someone for full price. However, if the item is listed within the normal price range for a product it is worth asking for money off as often sellers will sell a bit cheaper. If items have been listed for a couple days you are more likely to get money off as they will want rid, the older the listing the more likely the seller is to give money off. Sellers may also sell for cheaper if you offer to buy the item quickly, for example if you say that would collect it that day (which you can with VanaMango!) then sometimes sellers will sell it a bit quicker because they want it gone fast.

How it works

Tell us about your move

Tell us about your move

Just tell us what you want to move, where you want to move it and when you want it moving.

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Sit back and relax

Sit back and relax

That’s it, our fully-insured & trusted man and van will take care of the rest.

What is Vanamango?


You can forget about the time-consuming process of getting quotes. At VanaMango, we make moving a quick and easy process.

Our online man and van booking system allows you to move anything you want, anywhere in the UK at a time that suits you.


By combining jobs on similar routes we can get your items delivered safely for less.


Similar routes not only offer great savings, but by reducing unnecessary extra trips we reduce our environmental impact.

We’re also committed to paying and treating our drivers fairly; happy drivers = happy customers.

The result: a convenient, cost effective, eco-friendly man with a van service you can trust.

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  • Save time and money on moving goods anywhere
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