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Why Consider VanaMango for Your Antique Removals?

When it comes to moving cherished antiques and valuable art pieces, the utmost care and expertise are essential. VanaMango’s booking platform connects you with a network of trusted transport providers across the UK, specialising in man with a van style services, including our antique shipping and removals. Our comprehensive approach to connecting you with the right professionals allows us to tailor the journey to your unique needs and move various types of antiques, regardless of size and type, ensuring their safety during transit.

Finding the Right Experts for Antique Shipping

Delicate Antiques

We connect you with transport providers experienced in assessing and handling delicate antiques made of china and glass. These items are packed in specialist wooden crates with flow packs (poly chips) to provide optimal protection from potential risks during transit.

Antique Furniture

Our transport providers fully export wrap antique furniture, focusing on protecting weak points. Large or unwieldy items may also be crated for added stability and protection, meaning that your heirlooms will remain safe throughout the journey.

Antique Paintings

We help you find professionals who understand that paintings are best protected in crates, ensuring they remain secure throughout the move. With VanaMango’s specialists on board, you can expect smooth and hassle-free antique removals. You can put your feet up while our experts get your paintings from A to B.

Antique Books

Our transport provider network includes experts in securely packing antique books to prevent movement during transit, using extra wrapping for particularly valuable items. Their experience includes moving large library collections – no collection is too big or too small.

Comprehensive Antique Removal Services through VanaMango’s Network of Verified Transport Providers

We ensure all our transport providers have adequate insurance, including motor insurance, public liability insurance, and goods in transit insurance.

Clean and Equipped Vans

VanaMango’s transport providers maintain clean and well-equipped vans for the safe transportation of your items.

Loading and Unloading Assistance

Our transport providers offer loading and unloading assistance, allowing you to focus on other aspects of your move.

Nationwide Coverage

With a vast database of drivers and removal companies, VanaMango connects you with the right professionals anywhere in the UK. We’ll make finding your antique shipping courier as simple as a few clicks.

Key Features:

Choose VanaMango for Your Antique Removals

At VanaMango, we understand the importance of preserving your precious memories and valuable antiques. Our booking platform connects you with a network of trusted transport providers, ensuring that your items are handled with the care, expertise, and professionalism they deserve. Experience peace of mind with VanaMango as we help you find the right professionals for your antique shipping needs.

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You can forget about the time-consuming process of getting quotes. At VanaMango, we make moving a quick and easy process.

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We’re also committed to paying and treating our drivers fairly; happy drivers = happy customers.

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