Vanamango Ltd. General Terms and Conditions for the supply of Services (“Terms and Conditions of Service”)

These Terms and Conditions of Service are designed to ensure that both Vanamango Ltd (“We”, “Us” or “Our”) and the customer (“You” or “Your”) understand the basis on which we are to work together and that there are clear and fair protections in place to minimise risk for all involved. If any element of these Terms and Conditions of Service are unclear or appear inappropriate to Your business or project, please don’t hesitate to discuss it with Us.

  1. Who We are

1.1         We are Vanamango Ltd registered in England and Wales under company number 13398865 and have our registered offices at 2 Raker Close, Wheldrake, York, North Yorkshire, United Kingdom, YO19 6NE.

1.2         We provide an online booking platform for individuals for personal or business use to book pickup and deliver items using one of the independent delivery drivers we represent (each a “Driver”) within the United Kingdom. Our Website allows You to individually list the items You want moved at a date, time, and price of Your choice (“Service”).

  1. Our agreement

2.1         We operate an online only booking platform and act as a booking and fee collection agent for individual Drivers who agree to operate using our online service. Whenever You book a Driver using our website (“Website”) You agree to these Terms and Conditions of Service.

2.2         We can update these Terms and Conditions of Service anytime so always read the latest version on Our Website before you make Your booking with Us.

2.3         These Terms are important, and You should read them carefully. They explain our relationship with You, what We do and what happens if things go wrong including what You may be charged for cancellations. Our Drivers may also have terms and conditions that are separate to these. You should read them as well and these are available on request.

2.4         When You book a Driver through Us the contract is between You and the Driver. We act for the Driver for the purpose of determining Your requirements and selecting the appropriate Driver from those available.

2.5         Our Website is designed for use in the United Kingdom for personal or business customers and is governed by English law. Access to Our Website by You from any other jurisdiction other than the UK is entirely at Your own risk.

2.6         Our liability to You in respect of all other losses arising under or in connection these Terms and Conditions of Service or use of the Website, whether in contract, tort (including negligence), breach of statutory duty, or otherwise, shall in no circumstances exceed is a maximum of £300.00 (three hundred pounds sterling) per Service.

2.7         We will under no circumstances whatsoever be liable to You, whether in contract, tort (including negligence), breach of statutory duty, or otherwise, even if foreseeable, arising under or in connection with these Terms and Conditions of Service or use of the Website for:

(a)         any loss of profits, sales, business, or revenue;

(b)          loss or corruption of data, information, or software;

(c)          loss of business opportunity;

(d)         loss of anticipated savings;

(e)         loss of goodwill; or

(f)          any indirect or consequential loss.


2.8         Nothing in these Terms and Conditions of Service shall limit or exclude Our liability to You for death or personal injury caused by our negligence or fraudulent misrepresentation or any other liability that may not, under English law, be limited or excluded.


2.9         Subject to clause 16 below, We are not liable to You for any business losses damages or injuries sustained during any removal related task, any liability We do have for losses You suffer is strictly limited to losses that were reasonably foreseeable.


  1. You and the Driver

4.1         The Driver We book for You is a van hire service or similar. The Driver is a transport provider who will pick up and deliver Your items as requested. The Driver who completes Your booking may also be providing the same service for other customers and so will have a pre-planned route of collections and deliveries which the Driver must comply with to make all deliveries as requested.

4.2         We act as a commercial agent on behalf of the Driver. This means We arrange for a Driver to complete Your Service at the price You agreed to using our Website. Once You have accepted these Terms and Conditions of the Service including the Fee (as defined in clause 9 below) We will arrange for the Driver to complete Your selected Service at the date and time You requested.

4.2         Each Driver is solely responsible for performing the Service You have requested, and it is Your responsibility to make sure all the relevant information is provided to Us so We can select a Driver to complete Your booking. The price we quote to You on the Website is only for the items You have told Us You want to move from the pickup address to the delivery address You gave us when You made the booking. If You require any other items to be moved from or to other locations, You must make a separate booking on the Website. A Driver may refuse to move items not included in the original Service booking.

4.3         We reserve the right to reject Your Service on behalf of a Driver at our discretion based on the information You provide.

  1. Insurance

5.1      All Our Drivers must carry motor insurance for business use, but this may not cover Your items for loss or damage. If Your items are lost or damaged during transit You must contact us only after the Service has completed so that we can investigate. We recommend You take photos of Your items before transit so any damage can be evidenced after the event.

5.2      We are not liable for the actions of a Driver, or any damage caused to Your items by a Driver, but we will assist with resolving any dispute between You and the Driver.

5.3      You are responsible for (and We strongly recommend You do so) arranging and obtaining Your own insurance in respect of all issues arising out of these Terms and Conditions of Service.

  1. Our responsibilities

6.1      We will use Our reasonable efforts to book a Driver based on the information You give Us through our Website. If We cannot book a Driver for Your requested Service, We will tell You as soon as possible by email (please check your spam folders) or telephone. If We cannot find a Driver in time to complete Your requested Service, We will either (at Our sole discretion) suggest and agree with You an alternative date and/or time for the Service or cancel Your booked Service and offer You a full refund of any prepaid Fee relating to the cancelled Service.

6.2      If Your original booked Driver is unable to start Your selected Service, We will use our reasonable efforts to find a different Driver to complete Your Service.

6.3      We will confirm with each Driver and regularly check that the Driver has; a full driving licence; and confirm the size of van(s) available to that Driver.

6.4      The schedule to these terms (see below) sets out details of how to pack certain items and what to do if You are unsure. You should read this in full before the day of Your scheduled Service to avoid a Driver being unable to complete Your Service and You being charged a cancellation fee.

  1. The Driver’s responsibilities

7.1      By accepting Your requested Service, the Driver agrees to complete that Service to a professional standard without damaging Your items and delivering them to the address You gave Us when you booked that Service.

7.2      The Driver will collect and transport only the items You have listed in Your Service. If You ask the Driver to move any items, you did not list in Your Service then the Driver has the right to refuse.

7.3      Your Driver can choose to wait for up to 20 minutes after the Service start time You set in your booking, but this is at the Driver’s sole discretion as they may have other jobs they need to go to. If Your Driver cannot wait or You are not at Your Service pick-up address within 20 minutes of Your Service start time, then the Driver is free to leave, and You will be charged 100% of the Fee.

7.4      If You are not at the pickup address at the time stated in Your Service booking the Driver will attempt to contact You on the telephone number You provided in Your Service booking.

  1. Your responsibilities

8.1      You must be at least 18 years old to use Our Website and You must provide Us with a valid email address and telephone contact information. We reserve the right to immediately suspend Your access to our Website if We suspect the information You have provided is false or misleading.

8.2      You must provide accurate information to Us when You book Your Service. If You provide information that is not true and accurate Your Driver may not be able to find You, arrive at the wrong time or not have the right sized van or equipment to complete Your Service. If a Driver cannot complete a Service because You did not provide the correct information, then We will charge You up to 100% of the Fee and You will need to book a new Service.

8.3      It is Your responsibility to ensure You have access to our Website at all times when using Our services. You must provide anyone whose personal information You supply to Us (for example if a friend or family member is meeting the Driver for Your Service) with a copy of these Terms and our Privacy Policy found here Privacy Policy – VanaMango

8.4      You agree to provide Us at all times with Your contact details up to and including the date of Your Service.

8.5      You agree to keep Your payment information up to date and to provide Us with a valid payment card at the time Your Service is booked and at all times until the Service is completed.

8.6      You agree to be at the pickup address set out in Your Service request with Your items ready to be loaded onto the Driver’s vehicle at least 15 minutes before the time the Driver is scheduled to arrive. If you are not ready in good time, then We may cancel Your Service and charge you 100% of the Fee.

8.7      You must arrange access for the Driver at the drop-off location set out in Your Service request.

8.8      You must arrange for all parking permissions including paying any fees required for parking the Driver’s vehicle so Your Service can be completed without the Driver being given a parking fine. If the Driver arrives and cannot park without risking a penalty, then We may cancel Your Service and charge you 100% of the Fee.

8.9      Drivers do not carry cash to pay for parking meters or similar and it is Your responsibility to pay for any parking related fees. A Driver may refuse to complete Your Service is required to park an unsafe distance away from Your pickup address. If a Driver is charged a parking penalty to complete Your Service this will be charged to you in addition to your Fee.

8.10    If you book a Driver to move goods to a municipal waste centre, You agree to confirm with that municipal waste facility if the Driver requires any permit to gain access and complete Your Service. This may include informing the local authority of the size of van being used and the nature of the items being disposed of. If a Driver is not able to complete Your Service because You have not made the necessary arrangements or then the Driver will return all Your items to Your pickup address, and You will be charged 100% of the Fee.

8.11    You acknowledge the contents of and agree to comply with Schedule 1 “Good Moves”

8.12    If We become aware of any abusive or unreasonable behaviour by You or anyone connected to You towards a Driver or our staff, then we reserve the right to terminate Your Service with immediate effect; suspend Your access to our Website; and charge You 100% of the Fee.

  1. The Fee

9.1      The fee You are quoted by our system (“Fee”) is a fixed price and will be quoted inclusive or exclusive of VAT depending on whether Your selected Service is for personal or business use. The Fee will not change unless You amend the terms of Your Service e.g. by changing the drop off or pickup location, add or subtract items, change the nature of the items You want to move.

9.2      When You agree to the Fee quoted by our Website, We take a pre-authorisation against the debit/credit card and then charge the full Fee at the time of booking Your Service. You are required to pay the Fee in full at the time of the booking. By completing the booking process on the Website, You authorise Us to take payment from Your payment card for the price of Your selected Service without further notice. You are responsible for ensuring that there are sufficient funds available on its payment card at the time any payment is taken by Us.

9.3      The Fee will include any congestion or emission zone charges and tolls that some cities, bridges and roads charge vehicle users. The Fee will never include parking fees required to be paid by a Driver to collect the items included in Your selected Service. You must arrange for these extra fees to be paid by You in time for the Service.

9.4      We do not, and our Drivers do not accept cash under any circumstances. All payments must be made using a valid debit/credit card.

9.5      If You do not pay the Fee or any other fees that We reasonably charge for Our services then We will commence collections proceedings which may mean We ask a third-party debt collection agency to recover Our fees. Any recovery action against You may affect Your credit rating and incur extra fees charged by our collection agent.

9.6      We have set out what fees are included in Your Service booking and what fees would need to be paid separately by You on or before the Service date.

  1. Changes to your Booking

10.1    If You need to change Your Service, then You can do this up 48 hours before the day of the Service by contacting Us by email or telephone details of which can be found on Our Website or Your booking confirmation email at [email protected].

10.2    We will always try to accommodate any changes You require to Your booked Service, but this cannot be guaranteed. This may mean we have to book a new Service for You with a new Fee in addition to the original Service booking fee. Your new a fee may increase/decrease Your existing Service Fee. We will confirm the details with You and get Your agreement to any changes at the time the Service booking is changed.

  1. Extra fees

11.1    We have set out in the below table examples of where extra fees may be added to Your Fee. Some of these fees will be added automatically to Your total bill and set out in the receipt We send You. Other fees must be paid by You on the day of Your scheduled Service.

Extra Fee How Do I Pay
Parking Fees You need to pay these on the day of Your scheduled Service. If the Driver incurs any penalty for parking near Your pickup address, We will add the penalty charge to Your Fee.
Ferry Crossing If We cannot include it in Your Fee and Your Driver must use a ferry service to complete Your selected Service, We will charge You the cost of the ferry to Your destination and 100% of the Driver’s return ferry crossing on top of the Fee You are quoted.
Eurostar If We cannot include it in Your Fee and your Driver must use the Eurostar service to complete Your selected Service, We will charge You the cost of the train ticket to Your destination and 100% of the Driver’s return train ticket on top of the Fee You are quoted.
Overseas travel If Your selected Service includes moving from one country to another, We may add extra charges to Your Fee if We cannot include them. These charges may include toll roads, bridges or similar charges imposed by local authorities in jurisdictions outside the UK.
Municipal Waste Fees If Your Service includes delivery of items to a municipal waste or recycling facility, We may add the cost of any licence fee required if Your items constitute commercial waste.


11.2    If a Driver is unable to complete Your Service and deliver Your items to the drop address for any reason within Your control the Driver may keep the items for as long as necessary to complete Your Service or return the items to the pickup address. If this happens, We may charge You extra fees for the storage, return or extra time to deliver. These fees will be calculated using the same method as for Your original Fee.

11.3    If, on completion of the Service We are unable to debit Your preferred payment account due to Your actions (e.g., freezing a debit/credit card) any additional fees pursuant to clause 11.2 above, We may instruct a third-party to collect the debt owed to Us and We reserve the right to claim for Our costs of recover using a third-party debt collection agent or through the courts.

  1. Cancellation fee

12.1    You can cancel Your booking via email or by phone at any time before the Service is scheduled to commence, but You might have to pay Us a cancellation fee. You do not have a 14-day cooling off period after booking a Service.

12.2    The fees set out in the table below will be charged to Your card depending on how much notice You give us to cancel Your Service.

Cancellation Notice Fees Charged to You
48 hours before your service Free
Within 48 hours of your service 50% if total booking fee is below £50

30% if total booking fee is between £50.01 – £150

10% if total booking dee is between £150.01 – £500

5% if total booking fee is £500.01 +

At the scheduled time of your booking 100% of your Fee


  1. Loading Your items without the Driver

13.1    We do not recommend that You load any item onto a Driver’s vehicle unless this is agreed when You book Your Service using our Website.

13.2          You acknowledge and agree that any one-man Service selected will require You to assist the Driver in loading Your Service items onto the vehicle. You agree to comply with clauses 13.3 and 13.4 below.

13.3    If You have agreed with Us to assist a Driver loading Your Service items onto the vehicle You must follow the Driver’s instructions and use any equipment the Driver asks You to. If You or any person connected to Your Service loads any item onto a Driver’s vehicle or assists a Driver with loading any item then You agree that neither We or the Driver are liable for the safety of any person who loads items for Your Service or any loss or damage to items listed in Your Service.

13.4    Your Driver’s insurance may not cover injury to You or any other person or loss or damage to Your items if You or any person connected to Your Service loads Your Service items onto the Driver’s vehicle.

  1. Travelling with the Driver

14.1    You and people authorised by You can only travel with the Driver at the Driver’s discretion. If You accompany the Driver you acknowledge and agree that this does not constitute a private hire or taxi service and is entirely at Your own risk. We strongly recommend You make Your own travel arrangements for Your Service.

14.2    To ensure certain standards, all Drivers are required to provide Us with proof of their driving licence and proof of their required insurance. However, We do not accept liability for a Driver’s appearance, smoking, driving ability, manner of driving, proficiency of English or use of inappropriate language. No refund will be given for complaints relating to You or any person traveling with the Driver, and we strongly recommend that You make your own travel arrangements as the Driver is only required to move the items listed in the requested Service.

  1. Your information

We collect and process all information in accordance with our Privacy Policy. Privacy Policy – VanaMango

  1. What happens if things go wrong?

16.1    Even if We are not responsible, We will always try and help. If something goes wrong with Your Service, then We will try and resolve the problem. You can contact us via email or telephone details of which can be found on the Website.

16.2    We will do everything we reasonably can to carry out Our side of these Terms and Conditions of Service but there may be times when We cannot perform our obligations because laws, regulations or a government authority stops Us; or circumstances out of our control that We cannot remedy e.g. extreme weather, road closures Driver illness or failure of mobile networks.

16.3    We are not responsible for items left in a Driver’s van and You agree You are liable for any costs incurred by the Driver in returning Your items after a Service is completed.

16.4    We are a booking and fee collection agent acting for the Driver and We are not responsible for the actions of the Driver during the completion of Your Service.

  1. Miscellaneous

17.1    English law governs these Terms and Conditions of Service, and the courts of England and Wales have exclusive jurisdiction over any disputes under these Terms and Conditions of Service.

17.2    If We fail to enforce a right under these Terms and Conditions of Service that failure will not prevent Us from enforcing other rights, or the same type of right on a later occasion. We may modify these Terms and Conditions of Service at any time without notice and You agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions of Service (as updated) each time You use our Website.

17.3    The Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999 is excluded from these Terms and Conditions of Service.


Pre-Service date advice


  1. Packing your items

You must use Your best efforts to pack Your Service items so each can be transported safely without damage to the item or injury to the person moving the item. It is Your responsibility to pack everything before the date of Your Service.

If You are not sure how to pack something correctly then You can find video guides on the internet as well as articles to help You.

  1. Be prepared

If a Driver arrives and Your items are not ready to be loaded onto the Driver’s vehicle the Driver may wait for up to 20 minutes (but does not have to) but after that will leave without Your items and You will be charged 100% of Your Fee. Your Service may be one of several the Driver is completing that day and so the Driver cannot always wait for Your items to be prepared for move.

We recommend You take a photo of each item included in Your scheduled Service and before it is moved so that You can easily show Us if an item was damaged in transit.

  1. Special items

Every job is important to Us, and some items need extra care and attention, or Your Driver may not be able to complete Your scheduled Service. If any of the following items described in this schedule are included in Your scheduled Service, then You agree to the terms set out in the table below.

If We do not list an item on our Website, it is very likely the Driver will refuse to take it.

Item Packing/Moving requirements
Fragile/Unique Items We will not move anything illegal, certain animals or hazardous materials. If You have items, You want to move but You did not tell us about them when You booked Your Service then We do not guarantee the Driver will take these items. If You are in doubt then contact Us via email or telephone before You book Your Service. Our contact details can be found on the Website.
Dismantled Items If You need to move an item that can be disassembled you must disassemble it and secure the item for transport before Your Driver arrives. This would include for example: a shed, playhouse, an aviary, garden furniture, pet cages, or outdoor play equipment.
Piano You must tell Us if You want to include a Piano in Your selected Service and You must secure the piano for transport before the Driver arrives to collect.
Flat pack furniture Flat Pack FurnitureFlat Pack furniture of any kind should not be disassembled as this can weaken the item and cause damage during transport. Neither Shift or your Driver accept liability for damage to Flat Pack Furniture and your Driver will not dissemble or reassemble any item including Flat Pack Furniture
Furniture that needs assembling Some furniture (e.g. a bed) needs to be dismantled before it can be moved. You must disassemble furniture before the driver arrives. It can be helpful to keep all the screws in one bag and tape this to the furniture so you can reassemble it at your destination. Our Driver’s only carry very basic tools, but they are not booked to disassemble or reassemble any items, and this will need to be done by yo
Flat Screen TVs These must be removed from any wall mount before the Driver arrives and wrapped in a blanket (supplied by the Driver) for transit. A Driver may refuse a Job if a Television has not been removed from a wall mount unless this was specified in the original booking for the Job.
Fridges and Freezers (not American – see below) You need to remove any kitchen cabinet casing and you must defrost your Fridge or Freezer (or combination of the two) before you try and move it. You may also need to disconnect it from the electricity (or just unplug it) Defrosting it can take up to 24 hours, so you need to do this well before the day of your move. If you have not defrosted your item and removed all the contents, then your Driver can refuse to move it.
After a Fridge or Freezer is delivered and put in its permanent place, we suggest it is left for 24 hours to settle before is powered back on.
American Style Fridge Freezers These items must be explicitly listed in Your selected Service as they are non-standard sizes. A Driver can refuse to move this item if the scheduled Service does not explicitly include it in the inventory. The item should be defrosted, disconnected and unplumbed in the same way as a standard fridge freezer and once moved allowed to settle for 24 hours before being powered on.
Washing Machine You need to remove any kitchen cabinet casing You must empty the machine of any washing or other items, and You must disconnect the machine from the mains water, electricity and any drainage. This needs to be done before the Driver’s scheduled arrival time.
Dishwasher You need to remove any kitchen cabinet casing and You must empty the machine and You must disconnect it from the mains water and electricity. This needs to be done before the Driver’s scheduled arrival time.
Items worth over £300.00 If any individual item to be moved in Your scheduled Service is worth more than £300.00 You will appropriately insure that item against loss or damage as our liability and the Driver’s liability to You is capped (see clause 2.6 above).


  1. Assemble and Disassemble Service

If You select Our assemble/disassemble Service, this will be at an additional cost and such Service will be subject to the following terms:

  • The Driver will only assemble/disassemble the number of items You have selected when booking Your Service;


  • Assembly and disassembly instructions must be provided to the Driver on arrival as well as any tools and equipment required to complete the assembly/disassembly of the item(s);


  • If you fail to provide the instructions and tools or equipment, then the Driver may not be able to assemble/disassemble the item(s) and You will be charged 100% of the Fee; and


  • Any other terms as stipulated on the Website at the time of Your booking.
  1. Parking, loading and unloading

If any of the circumstances set out below apply to Your Service, then You agree to the terms set out below.

  • Restricted Parking


You must arrange for suitable parking arrangements for the Driver to park, load and unload Your items. You must also pay for any parking permits or pay and display tickets the Driver will need to complete Your Service. These include, but are not limited to, suspended bays, parking permits, width restrictions and parking distances from Your premises. If the Driver has to pay for any parking related costs directly linked to Your Service, then Your card will be charged the amount of the parking costs incurred in addition to the Fee.


  • Access to the pickup/drop off address


You must make sure the Driver and vehicle have safe and easy access to the pickup and drop off addresses. If You have any special instructions so the Driver can access these locations, You must tell Us beforehand. You can do this on the booking screen or afterwards by email to  [email protected]