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If you’re in need of a trust-worthy and reliable eBay courier service for a valuable eBay purchase or sale, then VanaMango is the right place to come.

Organise in a few clicks

We offer a convenient eBay service where you can choose any time and date you like at short notice whilst still ensuring we offer affordable prices.

Anything, Anywhere, Anytime!

Whatever the move, whether it’s a large item from another city or just down the lane VanaMango can ensure that the collection and delivery process is easy and runs smoothly. With a fleet of transport providers at our disposal who are operating all over the UK we can provide collection and delivery at anytime and anywhere and at short notice too!

It’s not just cheap, it’s green

As our transport partners will already be on routes nearby, we can ensure that fuel savings are made and pass these savings onto our customers.

Peace of mind

All our transport partners are fully vetted to ensure they’re insured and that your goods are covered too. We also, ensure they have all the equipment required to ensure our good are delivered safely. Such as blankets, strap, trolleys etc.

Tips for buying on eBay

Here are some tips to help you get the best deals on eBay

  1. Bid as late as possible. The earlier you bid the more the item will go up before the auction finish time. However, when bidding late be careful about bidding the minimum amount as other watchers may have bided more and if it’s late you may not have time to place a higher bid.
  2. Use third party programmes. This can involve auto-bidders or search functions that help you find bargains.
  3. Pay via PayPal. This will help with buyer protection. Sellers who ask for money payments should be avoided.
  4. Check the average sale price of the item you’re interested in. By searching for items and filtering to “sold” you can see the going rate of the item you are interested in and can get an idea of how much to pay.
  5. Placing 1p on any bid you place. By placing an extra penny on any bid, you make can just give you the edge in a tight auction. For example, if you and another buyer both want to bid £15 and you bid £15.01 you will win auction. Sometimes little tricks like this can be the difference. Especially when it’s late in the auction.

A quality eBay courier service

It is crucial that you get a reliable delivery courier and assess eBay courier quotes. However, you can bypass this difficult decision and process by using the VanaMango website to get an instant and free quote. It doesn’t matter what you’re moving or where you need to move it we will have the right transport provider for the job. With thousands of transport providers we can choose a courier already on a similar route who has space for your goods. By doing this we can guarantee a reliable and good quality service as well as brilliant prices.

Types of delivery service

Man and van

This is the most common form of delivery service for eBay purchases. Man and van services are perfect for basic deliveries, however they tend to only deliver medium to large items such as furniture, appliances, bikes etc. For smaller items such as books and video games a parcel service would be best suited.

Vehicle transport

Buying second-hand cars and bikes online is becoming increasingly popular. Getting a vehicle delivered will require a specialist haulier or trade plate driver. However, sometimes man and vans can be used to transport scooters and motorcycles. However, if transporting an expensive scooter or bike it is always good to check that the van man has all the correct equipment to ensure the bike is secured and safe to be transported.

Fragile items, jewellery and antiques

Transporting delicate items always comes with risk. Therefore it is recommended to choose from couriers who have experience transporting fragile items.

Regardless of what’s being transported it is crucial to find out the credentials of the courier you are using. Different speciality transporters have different certifications, make sure to contact the courier company first to find out if they’re properly qualified to transport your item(s).

How it works

Tell us about your move

Tell us about your move

Just tell us what you want to move, where you want to move it and when you want it moving.

Instant free quote

Book it online

Choose a timeslot and book your VanaMango man with a van.

Sit back and relax

Sit back and relax

That’s it, our fully-insured & trusted man and van will take care of the rest.

What is Vanamango?


You can forget about the time-consuming process of getting quotes. At VanaMango, we make moving a quick and easy process.

Our online man and van booking system allows you to move anything you want, anywhere in the UK at a time that suits you.


By combining jobs on similar routes we can get your items delivered safely for less.


Similar routes not only offer great savings, but by reducing unnecessary extra trips we reduce our environmental impact.

We’re also committed to paying and treating our drivers fairly; happy drivers = happy customers.

The result: a convenient, cost effective, eco-friendly man with a van service you can trust.

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Why use Vanamango?

  • Save time and money on moving goods anywhere
  • Fast response and reliable man and van service
  • Trusted drivers to move your goods safely