How to cope with moving away from family and friends

a couple wondering how to cope with moving away from family

You may be starting a new job, buying the house you’ve always dreamed of in uncharted territory, relocating to be closer to a relative or moving away from family members. Whatever the reason is, it’s only natural to feel a twinge of anxiety. Especially when you’re moving far away! Join us in this blog, where we’ll share a few words of wisdom to help you navigate these significant milestones.

Understanding that it can be a good thing to move away from family

Moving away is a huge upheaval to daily life and it’s normal to have second thoughts about your choice. However, there is nothing wrong with choosing to move away from family and, dare we say, this can even be beneficial.

All major decisions like this in life involve considering all the factors and choosing the right moment for you. However, this is where it may feel a little contradictory as you’ll often hear ‘it’s never the right moment’. True, it’s likely the moment won’t be perfect, but as long as it works for your unique circumstances, and gets you onto your next step in life that’s all that matters.

The upside of moving out of your hometown and away from family is that it gives you a fresh start. If you find at home that you are surrounded by less-than-ideal influences or feel stifled by a lack of local opportunities, moving away becomes a dynamic catalyst for change. It can jump-start the next stage of your life and can be a great way to make a difference if you’ve hit an unwanted stagnation.

Dealing with the guilt of moving away

You may feel a sense of guilt that you are leaving family and friends behind; this is common and is notoriously tough and emotional for some people.

Just remember that the guilt of moving away is only temporary and that the feeling will soon fade away. You can’t spend your life feeling guilty for wanting to improve your own life. Visits can bridge the distance and reinforce those important bonds, no matter how far away you live.

Worst comes to worst; you can always go back home

One thing to remember if you really are doubting your decision and remain unsure of whether you want to leave or not: if you don’t like it, you don’t have to stay. You can always move back home – at least you’ll know you’ve tried it and that it wasn’t for you. By taking that leap, you’ll evade the torment of ‘what ifs’ haunting you in the future.

a woman stressing about moving away from family and friends

5 questions to help decide on whether to make the move or not

If you are still in two minds about whether you want to move or not, then here are some questions to ask yourself.

1. Why are you moving away from family and friends?

Think about the reason for moving away, is it a valid reason which is going to make a difference? If it’s a job opportunity, a more affordable housing situation or you just want a change, then those are all common, valid reasons. Always keep in mind that as long as your reason feels meaningful to you and brings you joy or brings you closer to your desired outcome, don’t hesitate to pursue it!

2. Is it financially feasible for you to move away?

Moving away is not a cheap process, especially when it’s somewhere new and you are on your own. Whether you’re buying or renting, the cost of moving is not cheap when there are two or more of you, let alone on your own.

So be prepared for a financial impact on your life, especially if you are currently living with family and friends – because you will have to pay for everything! Make sure that you save as much as possible to cover moving costs and anything else you need upfront.

3. What are the benefits of moving away?

Weigh up the benefits of moving away from family to assess if this is the right thing for you and if they are worth it. What are those benefits? What will they do for you? Will they give you more enjoyment?

Ask yourself those three questions; even if immediate enjoyment eludes you, don’t let that discourage your pursuit as the other benefits might outweigh this. This rings especially true with a new job or career change where you may not enjoy things to begin with – not every initial step will make you ecstatic, perseverance could lead to a brighter future in a job you aspire to master and plenty of financial benefits.

4. Are you bothered about missing out on major milestones?

If you are moving far away from home, then you’re not going to be able to make every event with family and friends, so you have to be prepared to miss some of those things. You’ll also need to consider allocating holiday time for activities beyond returning home to visit loved ones. Be mindful of this aspect when contemplating the move.

5. Are you ready to start afresh and find new friends?

If you are moving somewhere completely new, then you have to accept that you will need to make new friends. Life will get very lonely if you don’t! You have to be prepared to put yourself out there and make that effort. If you are getting a new job a great place to start is work colleagues. Joining clubs is another good one, you’ll be sure to meet people there!

Moving out for the first time

Moving far away from home for a lot of people is their first move. This is common and not something that should put you off. If you are moving out of your parents’ home, rest assured that is a common rite of passage – everyone needs to do it at some point!

We have plenty of tips to help with moving out from your parents for the first time that will make tackling the unique challenges of flying the nest that little bit easier. This transition will bring substantial changes to your life as you gradually become more self-reliant – a crucial part of the journey toward independence.

If, on the other hand, you are moving out as a student and heading off to university we also have a wealth of advice on student moves. Moving as a student is completely different to moving out normally. You’re definitely going to be on a tight budget, so it’s important to be money-conscious,  but all the same, you will find it much easier to meet people and make friends as the majority of people are in the same boat as you.

Good luck with your move!

If you’re making your first move away from the familiar, take heart. It’s a common step towards independence. We have ample hacks to guide you in navigating this transition from packing tips to moving admin, whether you’re leaving the nest or embarking on your student journey. While finances may be tight, the potential for new friendships is abundant.

This chapter of your life is not just about moving away from family and friends; it’s about growing, learning, and forging new connections. Embrace it, and remember, you’re not alone on this path of discovery.