A fool proof guide on how to pack glasses for moving

a woman learning how to pack glasses for moving

Studies have revealed that moving house ranks as the most stressful life event – above divorce and having a child! This makes it all the more important to make it as easy for yourself as possible. It’s essential to pack glasses carefully when moving house to avoid any unwanted surprises when opening boxes in your new home. Take a look at these easy steps on how to pack glasses for moving, so you don’t overlook any easy mistakes that could see your glassware in pieces

Before you begin

Use a medium box rather than a large box to pack glassware, because a large box may be too heavy and awkward to move and will also increase the chances of it being dropped. You’ll need packing paper, newsprint, towels, bubble wrap, other soft materials or anything that can be easily wrapped around each glass or set of glasses.

Be aware that when using bubble wrap, it’s hard to recycle and expensive to buy. There are plenty of other materials that are free and work just as well. If you use old newspaper, you will have to wash the black ink off the newspaper to avoid stains.

What equipment/materials are required?

  • Marker pen
  • Medium-sized boxes
  • Packing paper, newspaper, towels, or bubble wrap
  • Packing tape


1.     Prepare the box:

If you’re using paper or newspaper, then scrunch up enough sheets to cover the bottom of the box. Cushioning the bottom of the box will provide enough protection for the glasses if the box is accidentally banged or dropped.

If you are using towels or sheets, then make sure that the layers are thick enough to provide adequate protection.

2.     Wrap large, heavy glasses

First, wrap and pack the biggest and heaviest glasses first. These need to be placed at the bottom of the box with the lighter glasses on top.

Use a flat and clean surface to lay your stack of paper or towels. Take your glassware and place it on one corner of the stack at an angle. Begin to roll the glass or mug and, as it rolls, stuff the end of the paper or towel into the opening of the glass. Wrap until the glass is completely covered.

3.     Wrap two identical glasses at the same time.

If you have large sheets of paper or towels, one of the best ways how to pack glasses that will also save on packing materials is by wrapping two at a time. This works best if the glassware is the same or very similar in size. Follow the above instructions, and once you have used half a sheet or towel and the glass is fully wrapped and protected, add the second glass and repeat the wrapping method. Don’t forget to continue stuffing the paper or towel ends into the glass.

4.     Box up the first layer.

Your glassware is all wrapped now. You can start boxing the glasses up. Place the wrapped glasses into the box on top of the layer of scrunched-up paper or towels.

5.     Fill the box.

Repeat the method of wrapping your glasses into single or double packages and placing them on top of one another. Ensure that heavy and larger glassware is at the bottom with smaller and lighter glassware on top.

6.     How to pack wine glasses

For glasses with fragile stems, such as wine glasses, you need to follow the steps above. However, make sure to wrap the stems first. Use half a sheet to wrap the stem adequately and then begin to wrap the glasses. This is to ensure that the stem of the glass is well protected. You should only wrap one stemmed glass at a time. These glasses should always be packed at the top of a box, leaving lots of room for extra cushioning.

7.     The cushion on the top

Make sure that the box is not filled to the brim with glassware and that there is room for extra cushioning on top. You should put in the same thickness of cushioning on top as you did on the bottom, so make sure to leave enough room.

8.     Check and seal the box.

Before sealing the box, gently shake the box left and right. You shouldn’t be able to feel much movement in the box or any glass clinking.

Once you are happy that the glassware is all well protected, seal the box using packing tape and then label the box with a marker or sticker. Always mark the box as “fragile” so that movers know to take care when handling it.

Final packing tips

  • You can ask a wine or liquor store if they have any spare divided boxes that they can give you. If they don’t, you can always purchase these online. These will provide extra protection for your glassware.
  • If you are packing glassware with other items, then an effective way how to pack glasses for moving is to ensure that the glassware is put on top and put in last.
  • Do not overpack the box. Ensure that the glass does not shift around the box, but there should be void areas between the glassware which you can fill with paper or towels to provide extra protection.