What Size Van do I Need to Move House?

what size van do i need to move house

With UK home movers reaching a record high, more people are asking “what size van do I need to move?”.

Truth be told, the size of the van is totally dependent on numerous factors. However, it is essential that the correct size removal van is used for moving your belongings. It would be a nightmare if all your items didn’t fit and it also increases the chances of damaging your items too. This guide will ensure that you are able to calculate the right size van for the job.

Choose the Right Van Size for Your Move

There are a few different van sizes to consider when moving with the most import factor, internal volume. We’ve highlighted the volume of each along with what they’re perfect for.

Short Wheel-Based Transit Van

Volume – 3m3

Ideal For – Large single items like a sofa/wardrobe or 5 medium boxes.

This is the smallest type of van. These vans are good for if you are only move a single or couple items. They’re perfect for moving a sofa, fridge, wardrobe etc. But if you require a van for a full house move this won’t be big enough. The average internal cubic meterage of a short wheel-based transit van is 3m3 . If you are only moving a single item such as a sofa this would be perfect as because they are smaller and lighter the running costs are cheaper so it will save you money.

medium wheel base sized van

Medium Wheel-Based Transit Van

Volume – 10m3

Ideal For – Small moves likes student moves, moving a garden shed or up to 25 medium boxes.

These vans will be suitable for a very small move. You wouldn’t be able to fit in the all the items in a typical one bed house or flat in this van, although if it was only down the road it may still be suitable as you would be able to do multiple trips. These vans are often good for student moves as not too much furniture is involved in these moves and you can approximately fit 25 medium boxes in them.  Again, these are great for if you only have a few items of furniture to move and you would be able to fit in over double what you could in a short wheel-based van.  The average internal cubic meterage of a medium wheel-based van is 10m3.

long wheel base sized van

Long Wheel Based Transit Van

Volume – 15m3

Ideal For – Small, 1-2 bed apartment/house moves.

A long wheel base transit could be big enough for a small house move (1 or 2 bedroom) or if you are clearing out a garage or lock up. They can transport all sorts of furniture including sofas, beds, wardrobes, draws, fridge freezers etc. The internal cubic meterage for a long wheel-based van is 15m3.

luton box sized van

3.5T Luton Box Van

Volume – 9.5m3

Ideal For – Medium, 2-3 bed apartment/house moves.

These are a popular removal vehicle. They are good for small and medium removals (2 to 3 bed house move). They come with a tail lift which is great for loading and unloading any large and heavy items. Although if you still may have to take a couple trips using this van so it may not be suitable if your move is a long distance. The internal cubic meterage of 3.5T luton box van is 19.5 m3.

7.5T Luton lorry

Volume – 34.4m3

Ideal For – Large, 3-4 bed house moves.

These are the biggest vehicles often used for removals. They’re great for any house move and can carry up to 50 boxes, two sofas, four beds, large dining table and chairs, three double wardrobes and any kitchen appliances. The internal cubic meterage of a Luton lorry Is approximately 34.4 m3.

Bigger Properties and Removals

If you are moving from a large 3-bedroom house or bigger chances, you will likely need more than one van. To complete the job, you will either must hire multiple vans, take multiple trips if that is feasible or use a fully-insured removal company.

Are You Still Not Sure What Van Size You Need?

By estimating the size of self-drive van you need can be risk not fitting in everything or not having your possessions insured in Transit.

Instead, use VanaMango’s online booking form. Simply choose the quantity of each item you want to move, book the move online and let VanaMango take care of the rest!