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An almost unimaginable amount of furniture is being shipped around the world at any given minute. With the furniture market being projected to grow to $720.2 billion by 2028, it’s likely you may need a furniture courier and with that an estimate of your furniture shipping costs.

Learn which factors affect how much it costs to ship furniture and the places where you can shave money off the overall price tag.

What factors affect how much it costs to ship furniture?

When you sit down to budget your furniture shipping costs you should keep in mind that numerous factors will come into play.

Despite this, it doesn’t have to be complicated – as long as you make a note of the following factors you can plan around your budget and even save if you’re willing to put in a little elbow grease.

Size and weight of the item

If the item is heavy and large it will cost more to ship. This is because it will take longer to load and unload, and it will take up more space in the van.

Journey distance

The longer the journey the higher your furniture shipping cost will be. This is because it will take more time and cost more in fuel. However, if the furniture can be co-loaded with other items along a similar route you will save some money. This is because they can charge multiple people to drive the same route which makes the cost cheaper for everyone.

Loading and unloading access

Things such as stairs and a long walk to and from the item to the van can increase the shipping cost. If the item has to go up or down flights of stairs or there is no parking directly outside the property, the price will increase as it will extend the loading and unloading time.

Time of collection

This is only a factor if the collection or delivery address is in an area susceptible to bad traffic. If you select a time slot during rush hour traffic this will increase the journey time and also increase your cost. If possible, select a time when the roads are quieter.

Number of men required

If it is an item of furniture that will require at least 2 men to load and unload the van, then you can save money by helping out. If you can help or arrange help from a relative or friend at the collection and delivery address, you will save money as you will only need 1 man.

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Average costs of common items

Next up is the average furniture shipping cost by item. You may see some variation from company to company, but on the whole, these will be the ballpark figures you will be working from.




1-50 miles 51-150 miles 151-300 miles 301-500 miles
Sofa £25 – £70 £70 – £130 £130 – £250 £250 – £300
Standard Fridge Freezer (not American style) £25 – £70 £70 – £130 £130 – £250 £250 – £300
Double wardrobe £40 – £100 £100- £180 £180 – £300 £300 – £400
Double bed and mattress £30 – £75 £75- £140 £140 – £260 £260 – £320


Preparing furniture for delivery

When preparing your furniture for delivery the amount of preparation you need to do will be contingent on the level of service you have selected. If you have chosen a full-service delivery, then the courier will prepare the item for you. And depending on said item and its fragility, it may also need wrapping.

Another thing to add to the list: remember to measure the item and the doorways through which it will pass through on its journey.There’s nothing more awkward than realising halfway through a job that your furniture won’t fit into your desired destination.

Finally, you should also weigh your item, if possible. If you’re unable to, don’t worry. You can look at the specification or give a rough estimate in place of this. By giving accurate dimensions and weight you will ensure that your quote is accurate and that there will be no additional, unexpected charges.

Shipping tips

Here are some important care tips which apply to certain items of furniture. By following these steps when you help your courier you can protect your items at the same time as reducing how much it costs to ship the furniture.


If your mattress is going to be exposed during transit then it is good practice to purchase a mattress bag to keep it protected and stop it from getting dirty. If you have dismantled the bed frame too it is a good idea to put all the nuts and bolts into a secure bag.


Remove the legs, you may need a screwdriver or drill to do this. Remove any cushions or pillows and measure the sofa to ensure it will fit through any doorways.

Standard fridge freezer

Unplug the fridge freezer and take out any food or drink inside it. When taking the fridge freezer out of the house ensure it is upright at all times. It must remain upright throughout transportation too.

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Furniture delivery options

Whether you are moving a single item such as a fridge freezer or multiple items up to a full house move, you need to decide on the level of service you require. Your main options are a man with a van service or a removal company.

Man and van services

A man with a van service is an ideal option if you are moving just a few items. They are generally cheaper than a removal service and will also help load and unload. Most men with vans carry blankets and straps, so your items are safely transported during transit.

The reason why Man with vans have lower furniture shipping costs is because they are usually independent and self-employed so they do not have the big overhead costs for larger removal companies. You may even receive a more personalised service.

Removal companies

If you are moving a whole house or office, depending on the size of the move, you may want to consider a removal company. This will be more expensive; however, they are better equipped with larger vans (many have lorries in their fleet), more men and can offer a packing service too.

If you need help preparing for your move, they will be able to do this for you on top of delivery. This includes packing items such as glasses into boxes as well as wrapping any furniture.

The VanaMango solution

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We provide instant quotes which can be purchased and booked online, saving you the time and effort of contacting countless van men and removal companies.

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